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~~ CB Hillis Danes ~~

American & European Blue Great Danes Baltimore, Ohio 740-621-0062
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 So many people want to know how we get our Dane's to look so good x their coats so shiny.
To be honest we believe its good genetics ;-) lol, but what we feed them, is why they have a healthy weight x what we wash them with, makes their coat so shiny.
We feed our Danes
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they are present x DROOLING at every meal .

 Our Adult Danes eat

 and they take agility supplements.


 Our Dane Puppies eat

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Large Breed Puppies

 They also get Pork Hide Bones x Porky Puffs as treatsPork Hide Bones            Porky Puffs

L.A. offers these fruity smelling bathing combo


Revitalizing Shampoo for Dogs & CatsBath Fresh Mist


Some other products that we also use include........

Soothing Mist

The Soothing Mist, this works amazingly on their elbows from where they get rough from laying on our carpets x rugs.


Ear Care Formula

The Ear cleaner also works great at getting their ears clean


BioDeodorizer Spray

And the one other product that we use x love is the Bio-Deodorizer

- this kills the dog smell in our house x lasts for hours ;-)


You can check all L.A.'s products out at