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~~ CB Hillis Danes ~~

American & European Blue Great Danes Baltimore, Ohio 740-621-0062
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The Stud Fee price for Sir Brody

 is $2500.00 for A.I. or Live Cover.


For Sir Cash's Stud Fees click on his name



~~ OPTION 1 ~~

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required up front. The remaining $2000.00 is due within 10 days of a Licensed Vet confirming that she is pregnant. 


~~ OPTION 2 ~~

$1000.00 deposit is due up front...

The remaining $1500.00 is due within 10 days after the birth of 2 live pups.........

If there is no pregnancy then

$500.00 of the $1000.00 deposit will be refunded

($500.00 of the $1000.00 is non-refundable).

This must be verified by a Licensed Vet through blood work and ultra sound/xray that there is no puppies (u can pick ultra sound or xray)....if there is puppies then the $1000.00 deposit will then become non-refundable and the remaining $1000.00 would be due within 10 days after the birth of 2 live pups...but if it shows no pups then $500.00 will be refunded. 


~~ OPTION 3 ~~

You can choose to pay nothing until the birth of a litter - but the stud fee will then be $3000.00



** There is an extra fee of $250.00 due for A.I. Services for each set of straws - so if you get 1 set of straws, its $250.00 if you get 2 sets of straws its $500.00 - 3 sets of straws $750.00, etc.  - This covers the vet fee as each set of straws is $250.00 - most vets recommend 2 sets of straws - but check with your vet to see what he/she recommends

~~ This is due upfront - before Brody is taken to the vet ~~


~~ POL Option~~

Depending on your female - we will consider POL, but we reserve the right to refuse any female for any reason.

For your female to be considered for POL she HAS to meet ALL of these requirements.

1. She must be a blue (blacks will be considered - but she has to be from a blue/black litter - meaning 1 of her parents has to be a blue & she has to have other blues in her lines)

2. Her lines have to be all blue or a mixture of blue/black.

3. She can be full American, full Euro or a combination of American/Euro

4. You, the breeder - have to be willing to send us weekly video footage & weekly updates on all the puppies personalities & be willing to give us until the pups are 6 weeks of age to make our pick. We let you know which ones we are not interested in so that you can have them available for potential families.

5. Your female has to come to us - or you can pay for the A.I. Services

~~ Even if your female meets our requirements - we reserve the right to refuse any female or any reason ~~


All Dams must be Blue or Black

& be @ least 2yrs or almost 2yrs at breeding!!



A written & signed contract between the owners of the Dam & us, the owners of Sir Brody will be signed before any money is exchanged.

We are very firm on our terms, so please only contact us if you are willing to meet the terms or have a very good compromise

We understand that due to our terms, only a few select Blue or Black Dams will get the opportunity to have Sir Brody sire their pups & we are fine with that.

If you are still interested and are seriously considering Sir Brody as a sire, please send us pictures of your Blue or Black Dam along with a copy of her pedigree when you contact us – or direct us to your website.